About Us

Our School Mission 

Our school mission is to build mind, body, and character. Our students have great success in life and grow to become honor students, collegiate atheletes, and community leaders as a result of our training.

We Teach...

Pee Wee Classes (ages 3-5)

  • These classes are designed with children ages 3-5 in mind. We focus on developing your child's fine motor skills, memory, attention, fitness, balance, agility, and social skills. Your child will learn age-specific self-defense and self-respect while building their confidence and in a safe, stimultating, and fun-filled class setting. 

Children Classes (ages 6-12)

Teens & Adults Classes (ages 13+)

Family Classes

  • The family that kicks together, sticks together! Many families today find themselves pulled towards different directions. Make the commitment today to spend time together as a family at our school.

    • Quality family time to learn a new, worthwhile activity together

    • Special family class times with convenient hours for working parents

    • Family discounts

    • Share the tenets of the martial arts to build a stronger family - 

              Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.